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Planting vegetables and Narratives

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Just at the entrance to the property I have a cedar split rail entrance way on either side of where the driveway will go.  A few cedar trees are planted right there.  A year or so and they will be noticeable.  I still haven’t figured out a name for the place.  Gilligan’s Island is already taken and Cam’s Crib is just not me.  Maybe it will come to me this week !

Driveway entrance and cedar fencing

Met with the contractor on putting in the driveway, sceptic tank, culver and footings for the foundation.   More permits to be obtained in order to start that.   Still waiting for the street address following the submission of the permit for a civic address.   Last with the fire chief I heard !

A bit further back a couple of planted trees are in bloom.  Can’t remember what they are called but I know they are not grape vines for wine ! However that two is coming.

A flowering shrub, one of two at the entrance. What are they?

The other day I was cutting off about 50 square feet of sod and then turning over the soil about four feet down in order to start a small plot to grow some vegetables.   Over the remaining part of the spring and summer I will expand this in order to get a full garden bed ready for the following year.    A nearby area will also be have the grass removed and soil turned over to plant some corn next spring.

Hard work in the hot sun but mentally relaxing.  Thinking of how many people for thousands of years have been doing the same thing.  Stories dating back all those years talk about planting, harvesting and life.  Narratives in our religions and culture become our cognitive signposts for what tomorrow may bring as we add and build upon what we started thousands of years ago.

We use narratives to describe out position in society.  Usually when we meet someone a narrative is provided of their lifes to this point.  The narrative often portrays not just personal values but cultural values.  Narratives seem to provide strucutre and definition for us day to day but do not seem to help when things go astray.

We humans have wiring so geared towards sharply valuing the present over the future (what your economists call `steep discount rates’), it is not surprising we use what we find as quickly as possible.   Food, booze, resources.  Take the easiest and cheapest first and don’t worry too much about tomorrow.

Satisfaction, for all life is generating a neuro-endocrine-hormonal balance that feels right to them. Evolution has shaped brains (through a relentless fitness filter) to maximize copies of genes sent to the next generation, and to help those genes (in the form of offspring) survive. Humans are born equipped to learn certain behaviours easily and other things with difficulty or not at all. Humans cannot take down wildebeests with their fingernails. Squirrels cannot type HTML code. Prepared learning does not suggest your paths are predestined. A squirrel does not automatically know how to crack a nut, but once he tries it several times, he is better at it than most species could ever be.

Every day we attempt to attain the same total brain cocktail (and this is simplified) that caused your ancestors to meet with evolutionary success (have offspring). While this may not be your conscious goal, in a world full of high energy fuels, the competition instinct manifests in planetary consumption. Such may or may not move you up the human mating ladder but is clearly a bad thing for some. As a species, we would be well served to select activities that give us the same ‘total brain cocktails’ as we were designed to experience, but cognitively choose them from lower energy footprint options. Humans get this cocktail from activities such as sharing, eating, solving problems, novelty seeking, sex, competition, love, cooperation, playing games, etc.

Our narratives tell us this behaviour is correct which just reinforces that behaviour.

It is extremely difficult for any culture to accept any possibility that fall outside the accepted narratives and myths.  I think this is very understandable.

Looking down the property line about 150 feet back to the road



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