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Hot Spring Day

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Wednesday I drove to the as of yet unnamed property to do some work, stop in the local town for some information and have a quick look around for the farmer’s daughter if I had time.

The local town is not too big with a population of about 700 during the winter which then swells to a few thosand as the local cottage season starts up.   I dropped by the local post office to try and figure out my new address.  The staff there already had heard of me as the fellow who had bought so and so’s property and was in the process of building a strawbale house.  Not quite sure how they found out, but I suspect a good portion of the town now knows of me.   Reminds me a lot of my Bermuda days on a small island.

Time to start working

I had a bunch of stuff in the back of the pick up to lug up a small hill and then across the crest of that to dump off by the treeline.   Blazing hot with a humidex around 41 so unloading the back of a pick up truck in the late morning was not looking like a lot of fun.  Grass is about 3 feet high now which is ok to walk through only if not lugging stuff.   Can’t wait for the driveway to get in so I can dump stuff pretty much where I need to.

Apparently I was right.  The pallets were easy, only about 50 pounds each. The 200 pound package containing a shed was a bit of a bugge to get on my own however after a bit of sweating and loosing 10 pounds it was done.

I had to walk the back 4 acres to figure out the survey lines and markers for putting in fencing later.  Either wire or some kind of hedge to demarcate the property line.   Haven’t quite figured out what would be best yet.  Sure was hot back there though.  Eventually chased out by a persistent fly which kept buzzing me and driving me away !   A big brown heron sleeping the afternoon away seemed a little ticked off when I wandered by his roost and he took off for the lake.  I was hoping he would chase off the persistent fly but no such luck.

Mulched a few trees and at which point I decided it was time to find some water and get out of the sun for a bit before heading back to Ottawa via Perth.   Once I get the first shed up I can start organizing tools, a water supply, shade, generator and a few places to sit.  A bit of progress on a hot day.

Never going back to a cubicle


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June 9, 2011 at 2:05 am

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