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Fixing a barn and entertaining the livestock

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Waiting on permits still.  Who would have thought bureacracy would move so slow !!  I’m sure they are loaded with processes and have to dot their eyes and cross their t’s.  Thank goodness I don’t have to deal with that day to day anymore.

In the meantime I took on a job with my brother framing in the gable side of a barn.  Both of us hale from the measure twice , cut once and then head to Home Depot for more wood as the scrap pile builds.  However after lots of tinkering, cursing, we got that framed up.   next we had to figure out how to get 4×8 foot boards of plywood up 40 feet using a 20 foot ladder.   After a day of trying that we realized a 20 foot ladder was not going to work.   However we came up with many interesting ideas, although the horses on the farm tended to wander by and snicker at us every hour or so.  Actually they snickered then turned their hind quarters towards and weren’t very polite.

Ended up tossing on some scaffolding which was erected on a rather large pile of horse dung.  After watching the scaffolding legs sink a foot or down in the pile we decided some sort of platform under the scaffolding was needed or we would end up jumping 40 feet into the pile of dung, which was at least somewhere soft to land.  This done, while the horses grouped around in disbelief then quickly left once we started to climb up.

Fixing a leaking barn before the hay comes

Once to the top we realized we had forgotten the plywood so back down I went to lug that up.  Finally managed to finish that off and end the entertainment for the livestock by midafternoon earlier this week.   Owner came by and asked us to help immediately help loading up 900 bales of hay into the loft we had just finished fixing around 4ish that afternoon.   Bales of hay had been arriving all day on 5 wagon loads.

At about 50 pounds a bale that was a lot of hay to sling up there and stack in the hayloft.  I think I handled almost every bale so that is lifting and slinging about 45,000 pounds in an evening.  Fun times.  At least the horses were content to get their year’s worth of food.

I think the next day I just sat around and rested as I found it rather hard to get out of a chair let alone tie my shoes.  All this work on my property and here and there I think I have finally lost my beer gut.  Same weight but it all seems to be going to my swelled head now.  What I do find interesting is the aches and pains from living on a keyboard all day have long since disappeared.  Those annoying arm pains, neck aches and back aches from sitting all day in front of a PC have all gone.

Will have to get down and see how my first crop is coming along.  Hopefully the potatoes and onions are starting to grow.   I should also start a second larger bed for a second planting and grap a few few cherry, plum, pear trees to start this weekend.  More time to work on my farmer’s tan.


Written by dcveale13

June 24, 2011 at 1:14 am

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