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“The public have an insatiable curiosity to know everything, except what is worth knowing.”

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Spent the day digging under a hot sun.

Checked what was growing first though.  Potatoes are starting to grow well.  As are the onions, lettuce and a bunch of other stuff.  Not quite sure what the other stuff is as I forgot to make notes of what I had planted.   (Note to self, pay attention and make a list) Think there are parsnips and carrots coming up but I haven’t learnt yet to pick out what is what. Astounding how little I do know !

Pretty sure these are potatoes

Using a shovel to cut off 60 square feet of sod where the grass is about 3 feet high seems to take a good 2 hours of work.  And the damn stuff is heavy as hell.   Once the sod is off one has to dig down a couple of feet and turn over the soil to loosen it up.

Growing pile of sod

Can use a tiller rented from Home Depot but generally a tiller will only get down about 5 or 6 inches and churn up that soil.  Looks great but my prize winning future parsnips need to be able to push through the soil.

Bloody hard work though.  After working 5.5 hrs non stop and chucking out rocks I think every muscle was aching.  Ready though to enter an arm wrestling contest against 10 yrs and win !

Prize winning parsnips to be grown here

Great doing this kind of work though.  Gives one a chance to mull over what is happening.  Mark Carney the current Bank of Canada CEO has recently had a few chats with senior financial officals from major banks on the status quo.  Seems the general consensus is Greece will fall over and likely bring down a good chunk of European banks if not the Euro itself. Problem then becomes who owes who on the derivative markets which total approximately 600 trillion (vs a global GDP of around 55 trillion).   If liquidity seizes up as happened in 2008 everything stops and banks go down.

Also starting to come out is that all is not well with pensions around the globe.  Increasingly becoming certain – and acknowledged but not talked about by senior CDN, US, UK etc etc gov’ts – that anyone under 40 is likely to see little if any of a pension income from private or public funds.   Decling tax income.  Anemic global economic growth.  Rising cost of inputs to create that growth seem to be leading towards the downside of the Industrial Revolution.

Pension gap in the UK

Japan pension seeks returns in hedge funds

US Social Security.  Bend over if you are over 47

Change seems to be a common thread of human history and earth history.  How we adapt to change has been an interesting study of the past and will be a more interesting challenge going forward.  We as a race seem to have reached the point where we need to deal with a predicament we cannot change.

A local farmer was telling  me that the honey we buy in the grocery stores now is mostly from China.  Bees there are restricted from collecting pollen and fed sugar.  Honey is then shipped to Canada and stuck in plastic containers with “Made in Canada” on them.  I think the time is coming where you want to know your local food producers, learn how to grow what you can locally and most important get to know someone who love to cook and can teach you !



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June 25, 2011 at 2:12 pm

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