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Building a house certainly teaches me alot about patience.   Nothing seems to move as quickly as one wants and I have always been fairly impatient.  Usually I mask it by doing other things like researching on the Internet or doing chores.   Cleaning is a good one.  If you ever see me with a broom and dustpan in one hand and mop and bucket in the other its often a good indication I am frustrated and need to do something I can control.  So if you ever need your house clean, frustrate me and stand back !

This works too !

Something cool for a hot day

Gradually moving things down onto the property while I’m waiting for the first set of permits.  Which have finally arrived.  Meeting up next week with the fellow putting in the driveway, sceptic tank and digging out the foundation.   Figure that will take about a week to do but I should then at least be able to drive up and dump off more stuff.   Likely start building a shed to store stuff also once the driveway is in.

Once all that is done I can submit the building plans for stamping.   Then the foundation pour needs to be done followed by the framing, roof trusses, bale walls then plastering.   Some plumbing and electrical work to be done in there as well.

Meanwhile I headed down to Toronto to clear up some banking stuff and clean the boat – frustration again !   Managed to sit back and spend some time relaxing with a book, chatting with fellow sailors and watching the birds.

Looking towards the docklands as the birds fly home

It is an amazing location, a 5 minute drive to Union Station in Toronto or 25 minute bike ride.   Like having a cottage downtown in the big city.

After cleaning and drinking


Written by dcveale13

July 14, 2011 at 12:00 am

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