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Tuesday should see gravel, dump trucks and a bulldozer showing up first thing in the morning.   I expect I will get up shortly before 6 am and head down to point everyone in the right direction.


Driveway should be straightforward as well as dropping in the culvert at the entrance way.  Since the driveway will be about 100 feet straight up from the road and up the rise I think it will go quickly.   I`ll have a parking and turning circle at the end which will end up being on the south  side of house with the driveway going up past the east side of the house.

I figure leaving about 30 feet or so from the house to grow something edible there, a walkway I guess leading to the porch and my rocking chair.

Also have to draw a sketch on the survey tonight of the building(s) on site and proximity to the road.  That will get attached to the building plan I also have to complete tonight and submit in to the Township who will then have 10 days to get back to me on any changes or an OK to proceed.

Felllow who will be drilling the well is dropping by tomorrow so I will chat with him on what he needs and where to drill it.  I figure about 100 feet down in my area will hit some good water.  First step on being resource independent !

Bought a 250 gallon tank that used to hold olive oil over the weekend.  This big containers are shipped from Italy full of olive oil to be bottled.  The containers are no longer used or shipped back to Italy so I grabbed one to catch rain coming off the roof.   I think two of these will enough to give a good source of water for annuals and a 500 gallon back up.  250 gallons is about 2000 pounds of water so I have to figure out a way to securely elevate it about 3 feet so I can get a gravity feed out of them.

Spent a few hours going over things with the builder on Sunday so things are finally moving.

Small  steps.  More later once stuff happens this week.


Written by dcveale13

July 18, 2011 at 9:34 pm

Posted in First things, The Start

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