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Finally a driveway……

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Finally a driveway

Well at least I have a driveway now.  Doesn’t go anywhere but its fun going up and down it.

Excavator arrived first thing the other morning and plunked itself down and proceeded to scrap off the sod and a foot or so of soil.  Driveway is a bit over 100 feet long and about 20 feet wide. By hand I figure it would have taken me a month to do.

Big dig

Two dump trucks arrived by 9 am with the first loads of gravel and rotated dumping loads until 2 pm.  I think about 12 loads in total for the first layer of heavier and bigger stones were laid down.   Eventually a layer of 1/2 inch gravel is put down at the end of the process, but while trucks, cranes etc are back and forth the heavy gravel will do.  Great not to be lugging everything up through the grass using a wheelbarrow of shoulder.


Next the foundation was dug out which is now ready for the concrete people to come in and get things going.  That however is waiting on the next set of permits to get done.   Local authority has 10 business days to get back to me on it so hopefully by weeks end or early next week will hear something.

Digging out footings



Written by dcveale13

July 26, 2011 at 2:00 am

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