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We should all protest big brother ……

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“A third of humanity doesn’t want to ride bikes anymore; that has profound geopolitical implications.”
—Anne Korin, the co-director of the Institute for the Analysis of Global Security (May 1, 2005)

Fall has arrived.  EU and the UK have announced further “spending” recently to shore up the economies.   US not too far behind.  Keeping one’s house in financial order only seems to apply to you and I not to countries, big banks and big insurance companies.   Few people seem to realize the governments are now spending our future to prop up a system that if falling apart.

A short chat on BBC

Vanity Fair has a recent article on how government is collapsing close to home.

I have never been one to point to any form of government as one of leadership, quick thinking and of any sort of grasp of the obvious.  Meanwhile still waiting on the permit as the long government authority do whatever they can to do nothing.  Astounding.  Meanwhile it looks like I won’t be spending much money in the local economy this year as I wait.  I should have a site buried in snow soon though !

Home someday

I’ve had a strip of land cut about 35 feet wide and 500 feet along side the property line.   This is where I will plant the 1,000 white spruce first, then 200 poplar trees inside that.   Leaves me a 50 foot by 500 foot strip of land to put to other purposes.

A line of Spruce trees then Poplar trees eventually

In the back acerage I’ve had it all cut back for the 800 white pine, 1,000 tamarack and 500 maples trees.  Big area about 300 feet wide and 800 feet long.  About 3 american football fields stacked together.

Getting the back acerage ready for tree planting

This back area is quite big so I as the trees grow I will stick in a few arbours and benches here and there to relax in.  I think places I can take back a bottle of wine and lunch to relax and think about things on the sunny days summer and winter.   Found one spot under a tree all cleared out with a big rock which will be perfect.

A spot for a bench, wine and lunch

Already have some grapes growing so I will need to spend time this winter researching the older variety of grapes grown in Canada, north eastern US and the UK to produce my local vintage wine.  Even growing on their own these seem to be doing ok !

Crops for the winery

Another month or so and I will have to close up my “campsite”.  Quite comfortable in the warm weather of summer and fall.  And I’ve spent many a day relaxing in the afternoon on the small patio I dropped down.  BBQ is great to cook on.  Will be a bit too chilly though in another few weeks !

My Camp

Wishing I had brought a bottle of wine !


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October 7, 2011 at 8:13 pm

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