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Autumn Chores

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Looks like winter is around the corner.   Sky is starting to look more and more like snow clouds.

Late November afternoon looking south

Lots of digging the past week.   Took the sod off of about 500 square feet and then turned the soil over.   Then took the sod and turned it upside down on the planting bed so the sod would decay over the winter and provide some good humus for next years crop.

Beds for next year

Bloody stuff weighs a ton though.  And the grass has been left to grow for 15 yrs so the root system is pretty strong.  A file to sharpen your shovel is imperative !

I’ll have to figure out some kind of fencing material to keep the deer out of the vegetables this winter.  Lots of them around and they seem to love fresh growing vegetables.   I love to eat meat with my vegetables so perhaps some sort of mutual arrangement can be made !

Eventually I will have about 2,000 square feet of annual vegetables growing.   Should provide a lot of stuff.   Aiming for about 20,000 square feet of edible perennial food some of which will be a cash crop.

May get a hive and stick that out back somewhere so I can start to learn about making honey.

Moved my 250 gallon water container down and have it near one of the vegetable beds.   I’ll pack snow in there so I have water to start before the well gets drilled.  Had to drag that off the truck and a few hundred feet up to my “campsite”.

Used to hold 250 gallons of olive oil from Italy

House is already to pour the foundation in the spring once the go ahead comes.  When it comes.  Will be glad to get that, build, get the certificate of occupancy and then shut the gate.

Waiting to pour concrete in the spring


soil has been broken up now for where the trees are to go.  Nice long strip along the property line for the 1,000 spruce and 200 poplar trees.  Back too is all ready for the maples, tamarcks and pine.  Will have to start building up firewood perhaps in the next few weeks for next winter.

Good to be far back from the road


Written by dcveale13

November 13, 2011 at 3:34 am

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