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Wood Cooking Stove

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The heating, cooking and hot water debate running inside my head for the past few years is reaching an end.   Finally made up my mind on the best way to combine those three and be sustainable.

Long ago decided that wood would be the primary fuel source for heating.  With looming shortages in fossil fuels and higher prices I figured some way was need to keep warm other than using oil, coal or propane.  I don’t have a wood lot but in 10 years i will be coppicing wood and getting to be self sufficient.   In the meantime it will be foraging here and there.

Wood cooking stove and oven by Margin

Many ways to heat a place with wood but ultimately the best for me is a wood burning cook stove that will heat 2,000 square feet and can also heat a 60 gallon water tank if need be.    Aiming at one of these built by the Amish.

Stove top

Seems like the stove stop will have hot spots and cooler spots so one has to learn the quirks of the stove.  One spot may be good for boiling water quickly and another for slowly cooking stews.   A warming oven about the stove should keep food hot , i guess.   Same seems to go for the oven.  I guess I will have to find some place to buy a bunch of cast iron pans and stuff.

Stove top and warming oven above

No idea how to cook and bake using a wood stove, but then I burn things on an electric or propane stove so how hard will it be to reduce a steak to charcoal or cook cinder blocks of bread in the oven?  Learning curves are fun.

Likely order this book soon !

Woodstove Cookbook

Chatting a bit with Ontario Hydro or I guess they are OPG now.  No electrical lines at the property so they need to bring those in.  Told it would be 15K to 30K just to get power to the house.  Sweet I said.  And continued on with looking at solar.

Typical 2,500 square foot house in Canada uses about 31kwh per day.  Since I will not be using a dryer, electric stove, incandescent bulbs, microwave (can one actually cook in those?) and haven’t used an iron since I lived in Bermuda I can am looking at at a 3kwh solar system.   Given 4 good hrs of sun a day that gives me 12 kwh per day underestimating.  More likely 18kwh easy.  Thanks to the internet I can get that for around 10K vs about 25K in canada.  go figure.   Should run the lights, fridge, freezer, computers, vacuum, washer etc etc.   And my electric cork screw.


Written by dcveale13

November 14, 2011 at 1:02 pm

2 Responses

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  1. You have an electric cork screw????!!!???



    November 15, 2011 at 2:55 pm

  2. love your (soon to be) woodstove!!! thats the way we want to go as well (our place in PEI). I am so hoping that happens next summer!!! I will defo be buying that cookbook!! hope you are staying warm Cameron. Talk soon…. 🙂 E


    November 15, 2011 at 2:57 pm

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