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Floor plan is pretty much figured out now.

Porch on the west and south side, with the house twisted on the property to face due South to get the best passive solar exposure.  No basement so the slab will absorb and retain the heat during the day releasing it at night.   This should provide a fair bit of warmth in a house well insulated with straw.

I’ll stick the woodstove in the middle of the living area so the heat radiates out everywhere.   Cathedral ceilings in the living area.

Sliding doors off the south side onto the porch.

Keeping it simple and small


Clay plaster on the inside of the bales and outside.  On the outside I decided to use cedar shakes to protect the clay plaster from weathering and substantially reduce any maintenance work.

Inside will look something like the picture below.  Will have a sliding door out to the porch though.

Similar strawbale house

looking south

South and east side


Written by dcveale13

November 29, 2011 at 5:04 pm

Posted in Building, First things

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