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June 23 weekend, slab done and setting up camp

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First load of lumber for framing which starts next week arrived and stacked under tarps.   Starting to get the site organized to hang out down there more.

Framing lumber here

Slab done and ready.  Pretty smooth.  Haven’t decided what to put on it, but to start will be rugs tossed on it come the fall then deciding what type if any floor to put in.

Finished slab looking due south from the soon to be bathroom – hopefully 🙂

Working away on chores while a thunderstorm rolled by to east a few kilometres past the property.   Neighbour’s new house going up at the same time.  Local fire chief i believe.

Thunderstorm blowing by to the east. Neighbour’s house going up

Trying to visualize the rooms and where things will go.  Assuming I get furniture !  Spent a few months in Toronto with an ironing board as my dinner table.  Shopping is not one of my skills.

Looking south out of the living room. At least what will be the view !

My brother came down to help set up the tarp to cover the tent.  Sent him up a couple of trees to tie lines since my ankle is still kind wobbly after the fracture

My brother finishing off some tarp work. Hoping the gromments don’t tear out and it flies away in a storm

Home for a month


Written by dcveale13

June 25, 2012 at 12:05 am

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  1. wow you are just trucking along! looks great Cam! And I love the ironing board as a dinner table trick. Very clever…nice camp you set up too. Life is good, eh?


    June 27, 2012 at 4:32 pm

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