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Roof on and framing inspection passed

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Framing inspector passed the work no problem.   Nice to have no costly hiccups.
Roof was put on last week and when the sun is out its very reflective !  Should be great for some rain barrels and collecting water for gardens.   If it ever rains again.


Steel roof on. A must for harvesting rain water.

Pushed loads of dirt over the west side of the house to clear off the grass.  Plan is to plant perennial stuff like herbs etc and low grass, creeping thyme etc to keep the soil in place.   Also is a good firebreak around the house.   Have to plant grass over the sceptic tank area anyways.   Probably have someone who knows about flowers plant some perennials also.  Next year will be on the west porch enjoying what has been planted , the view and wine

Looking west from the porch. Future herb and perennial garden

Looking southwest from the porch. Future herb and perennial garden

Below is the house from the road as one comes along the access road.  House is of course not parallel to the road as I wanted it turned to face the south for maximum passive solar.   Talked beforehand to a number of people with passive solar designed houses and they have been able to substantially reduce by over 50% their heating costs during the winter.  With strawbale walls this will work great in the winter and keep the house cool in the summer.

From the road




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July 28, 2012 at 7:50 pm

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Agriculture, Debt and Permacuture

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Looks like drought in North America and parts of Europe will see food prices be substantially higher this winter.  Probably gasoline prices too in the US with their emphasis on ethanol from corn.  Corn yields expected to be at least down 30% so grass fed meat won’t seem that expensive soon.
A lot more studies coming out on perennial agriculture now vs the heavy emphasis on annuals in production for all sorts of reasons.   Costs, drought, soil depletion and a growing scarcity of arable land.   Lots of research and testing now of perennial grain crops which would far easier on the pocketbook and soil.   Big agricultural companies will likely fight tooth and nail to prevent the evolution but it seems inevitable to me.  http://www.landinstitute.org/

With increasing debt levels its debatable how long the party in the west will continue and how much funding will be available for all sorts of things going forward.   The 10 most indebted countries in the world are all the big western economies including canada.  By 2015 these countries have 15 trillion in debt to roll over and renew.  Currently unlikely that is possible except by the continuation of central banking purchasing of debt with the resulting currency debasement and erosion of savings, pensions and increase in daily costs.

When it comes to estimating the biggest threat to the global financial system, by far the biggest threat and biggest unknown is the total Financial debt in the system, for the simple reason that as we have been showing for over two years, it is simply impossible to quantify just what the real level of such debt in the developed world truly is, especially when one accounts for shadow liabilities, rehypothecated collateral, derivatives, and all those other footnotes in financial statements that only become relevant when daisy-chained collateral links start collapsing following the default of one or more financial entities, and when gross becomes net. What we can, however, do is show the other three major categories of debt currently existing in the system: Government, Corporate and Household debt, as they are distributed among the “developed” countries. We also know what the tresholds are beyond which the debt becomes unsustainable. In the words of the BIS: “For government debt,  the threshold is around 85% of GDP… When corporate debt goes beyond 90% of GDP, it becomes a drag on growth. And for household debt, we report a threshold around 85% of GDP, although the impact is very imprecisely estimated.”

So in light of all these various thresholds, where do the “developed countries” of the world stack up? It’s not pretty.

Total Government Debt distribution:

Total Corporate Debt distribution:

Total Household Debt distribution:

And one final chart showing all three non-financial debt categories combined. We leave conclusions to the reader.

Source: Metis Risk Consulting, Feasta


So expanding my Permaculture and slowly planning things out.   Looking around are researching things like hazelnuts as a staple crop and also a fuel source for coppicing in addition to the black locust and maples.

Still haven`t figured out where to put the chickens and goats


Map Key

1.  Coppicing Black Locust
2.  4.5 acres of White Pine, Spruce, Tamarck and Maples. Coppice the red     and silver maple in 15 yrs
3.  1 acre edible forest garden, perennial vegetables, fruits, salad and     nuts
4.  Annual vegetable plot with adjacent area when first is fallow after a     few years
5.  House
6.  Fruit shrubs, herbs

It takes courage and means to stray out of what folks perceive as their comfort zone, what for many is their survival zone. I waffle a lot between individual action and collective responses to our predicaments, but know that even our ‘deciders’ are trapped by complexity; bound by limits. In a sense, the ability to make decisions is hindered by a virtually immovable populace, social inertia, and those who have the real power of choice maintaining the status quo. This is why we get ineffective responses that prolong and exacerbate our collective self-destruction. Easier to just turn away and react when the time comes.


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July 25, 2012 at 2:30 pm

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Roof goes up next week

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Most of the deck work is done now.  Joists are all in for both decks and they will finish that off shortly.  West deck had to get done early as the roof of the house extends out over the decking covering it.    Sceptic is scheduled to go in about July 10th although waiting confirmation of that from the contractors.

West deck will be covered by the roof of the house. 8 feet wide and 44 feet long.

Couple more roof trusses to put up over the west deck and then the roof will go.  Steel roof so and simple roof design so it will go up very fast.

Trusses mostly up. From the driveway looking west

Uncovered south deck in the setting sun

End of the day and beat after working all day with only the left arm

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July 7, 2012 at 8:03 pm

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