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With fall around the corner I figured it was time to start thinking of firewood.   Wood will be my main source of heat and for cooking during the winter months.   Still cheap in this neck of the woods.

Tracked down a good company locally – Leroux’s and ordered four cords of split wood and a load of green 8 foot logs which when cut and split will be about 7.5 cords of wood. Today all this arrived giving me 11.5 cords of wood.  I figure that will give me about 5 years of heat and cooking for a cost of about $450 bucks for the cold months.   Gradually I will track down more wood and get that stockpile up higher

Dump truck load of split wood for this winter

Some of the wood stacked temporarily away from the house

Logs for the next few years in the back

Plaster drying inside. Pigment should be a light beige. Likely live with that the first year then paint





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September 15, 2012 at 6:06 pm

Drying out – me and the plaster

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Inside final coat is done and the exterior is done.   Now its a drying process for about 7 to 10 days to let the clay plaster set up.  Next week won’t see much action other than me digging and working on the solar array stuff.   Kind of looks like the pigment on the interior coat will be a sandy gold when it dries.  I have the option of leaving it as it or later painting it, probably with a milk paint.  Painting seals it up so less chance of any damage to the walls.   Will see next year about that.

Outside walls have 5/8 inch of plaster.   Once this dries the cedar siding will go up over it.   That should be a fast process.  Small house.  Cedar will both look good and weather well in the great white north


Outside plaster, first coat and almost done on the north wall

One wall done and the white natural clay colour on the other wall. I think it will dry a bit lighter in colour

South wall done and the truth window (showing the straw behind it) which is an old russian abacus I found

West side deck with the kitchen window in the corner. I think the two decks will be about 615 square feet total so lots of space to drink




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September 13, 2012 at 10:46 pm

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Last plastering this week

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Week spent preparing the exterior side of the bales for plastering and framing up the doors and windows.   Straw is all trimmed back so they will power spray the first exterior coat which is again clay, water, sand into the straw.  Followed by hands on of the second coat.  Final interior coat will go on also.  Using a pigment added to that so the final wall colour inside will be a soft beige/gold colour – hopefully.

Walking up to the house from the road. East side has the big windows and one lone window on the north side

I’ll put some pigment in the last clay plaster.  Tested a patch on the wall of two different pigments.   Aiming for the colour in the lower part of the picture below

See what the pigment dries to but it will add a bit of colour to the walls and save me painting initially. Final coat will have some straw in it for structural but will also catch and reflect sunlight

Living on the porch when I’m doing there and the contractors aren’t around.  Lots of space and quiet.  Only time its uncomfortable is late afternoon in the summer when its a really hot day and no breeze.   I’ll have to find some patio furniture over the winter

Living on the west porch

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September 8, 2012 at 1:51 pm

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