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With fall around the corner I figured it was time to start thinking of firewood.   Wood will be my main source of heat and for cooking during the winter months.   Still cheap in this neck of the woods.

Tracked down a good company locally – Leroux’s and ordered four cords of split wood and a load of green 8 foot logs which when cut and split will be about 7.5 cords of wood. Today all this arrived giving me 11.5 cords of wood.  I figure that will give me about 5 years of heat and cooking for a cost of about $450 bucks for the cold months.   Gradually I will track down more wood and get that stockpile up higher

Dump truck load of split wood for this winter

Some of the wood stacked temporarily away from the house

Logs for the next few years in the back

Plaster drying inside. Pigment should be a light beige. Likely live with that the first year then paint






Written by dcveale13

September 15, 2012 at 6:06 pm

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