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October winds blowing

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Fall has definitely arrived.   Winds and rains have been here off and on.    Tarp over the tent took a pounding and self destructed. Light tarps just do not stand up to fall and winter weather.   Rip and shred fast !

Shredded tarp to come down soon ! windier inside the tent

Spent the weekend doing a bunch of chores.   Painting the fascia a yellow colour.  Fascia is the part of the roof that overhands the house and you stand under when its raining and you forgot your keys

Painted boards drying

Stormy weather on the weekend

Windy day

House and more wind coming

Windy day

Solar panel mounts up.  Just need to do the conduit, hook up wiring and yet another inspection

Mounts for solar panels






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October 22, 2012 at 3:16 pm

Plumbing going in

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Rough in plumbing was going in this past week.   Hooking up the well pump to a pressurized tank that feeds the system as well as installing the water heater.  Both in the utility room now.   A lot of the work is for the venting of the house which seems to be a requirement now of the building code.   A great system allowing you to move the air through your house and bring in outside air by mechanical means.   Guess they have never heard of windows !   Most people seem to shut it off in the summer as all it does is bring in hot humid summer air and replace the nice cool air inside forcing people to have cooling systems.   With a strawbale house kind of silly seeing how many are built in desert areas without a cooling system thanks to the insulation.


Hot water tank and pressurized tank on shelf. Well water goes directly to the pressurized tank. Hot water tank is propane heated

Part of the venting system to circulate the air inside the house.

Shower walls going in and faucet hooked up.

Beat after a day of working and hoping someone brings some food over

Ready for the cedar siding. Vents in attic space cut out. Beautiful fall day

Clutter of the west porch where i spent most of the time relaxing. Need to find an outdoor sofa, table and better chairs though. And a hammock !









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October 7, 2012 at 1:12 pm

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Windows in

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Builder was away to a strawbale conference in Colorado a few weeks back.    Past week the windows and internal framing are done.


West side doors to kitchen and utility room and kitchen sink window

40 feet of trench for wiring from the solar panels to the house. hand dug, too cheap to get the gasoline trenching tool

Internal framing

Utility room in back. Cold storage and pantry with chest freezer spot in foreground

Still some open space left even if fuzzy




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October 1, 2012 at 8:43 pm