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Mid November quick update

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Once the bathroom is operational and the kitchen sink operational the place should be ready for occupancy.    Builders are working on the exterior time and cedar, then the pine tongue and groove ceiling and they are done.   Interior finish will be left to me to do unless i hire someone.   Rather do it myself as its fun once the time frees up
Wiring in the walls all done.   Just have to finish off the solar panels and get the panel in the utility room put in.
Busy back and forth to the property and doing other things.   no rest for the wicked.

West end yellow and green trim with cedar in on the gable end. Cedar vent in also.

Directing traffic



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November 11, 2012 at 4:08 pm

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Celluose blown in with R60 in the attic

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Hurricane Sandy made its presence felt the past week.  Quite windy one day then showers off and on for the week.  Indoor work while waiting for the sunny days.  Pretty much airtight inside, no drafts and no leaks in the roof!
Celluose blown into the attic during the week to R60.   Even with grey skies the house is retaining a lot of heat now.  See what happens on a sunny day!  And very quiet.  Can’t hear much outside noise at all, certainly hard to hear any car coming up the driveway.  Almost have to be outside to hear that now.
Down finishing off the rest of the priming and starting on the green paint.  This will be the outside trim for the skirt board at the base and the trim that will go on the walls at the corners.  House to stacked with drying paint now.  Yellow trim for the doors and windows done.

Some of the green planks leaning up against the soon to be wine cellar

Window trim in place which I’ll varnish later. Looks easy when professionals do it!

Probably more paint on me than the wood. Had to keep moving the freshly painted wood somewhere and go around narrow corners.




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November 2, 2012 at 10:55 pm