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Christmas idling

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Electrician should arrive after the holidays and finish off his bit followed by the plumber.   Just have to keep the driveway clear so they can get in.Not a lot of snow but the first storm was wet snow so I felt every shovel load d0ing 200 feet.

Started to work on the kitchen.  Want to get  a basic working kitchen in and functioning before I go to far with it.  Maybe internal walls one day too!

start of the kitchen

start of the kitchen

Finally got a bird feeder in and some blue jays eating away,  outside the kitchen window.  Have to remember to restock the thing.

Glad the solar panels are not on the roof.   with all this snow it would have been a pain to clean them off this winter.   a breeze on the ground.  Had the car ice scraper out after the wet snow to clean them off something i could not have done on the roof.


Reclining after a day of work

Reclining after a day of work



Written by dcveale13

December 27, 2012 at 9:01 pm

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  1. Well. You must be feeling very fulfilled right now! 🙂 Do you have your firebox up and running? Or your stove? I cant wait til you can move in permanently! (imagine how YOU feel!) lol! Hope you had a very merry Christmas Cameron, and have a happy new year!




    December 28, 2012 at 3:27 pm

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