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Starting Fall Chores

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Pretty much the last load of furniture in for now.   Trying to keep the centre of the open living space free until I build my cob (clay, straw, sand) furniture and water container coffee table for thermal mass as some point, perhaps the fall.   But its find for now.   Next is finishing off getting all the books in from various places !

Lots of reading spots

Lots of reading spots

Need to load up this bookshelf soon before  winter arrives

Need to load up this bookshelf soon before winter arrives

Harvested a bunch of carrots, potatoes,  lettuce, spinach, onions.   Broccoli and corn did not do so well,   No fertilizer added this past year as a test and it shows on the spotty results.  Have a bunch of squash coming along nicely though for fall harvest.  On the hunt for some local manure to dig into the ground this fall so next year’s harvest is a bit more robust.  I have dug up a big spot out back for about 8 raspberry plants in the spring.  Near the already growing strawberry plants and apple trees.

I’ll dig out the turf off so I can plant 15-20 hazelnut trees to have a small nut farm.  I think each will produce about 10 pounds each.    Gathered up the first few pounds of hickory nuts yesterday from the shagbark hickory trees I have growing.

Scattered a few sunflower seeds around this spring and they have popped up

Scattered a few sunflower seeds around this spring and they have popped up

This winter wood is split but have to cut up these logs soon

This winter wood is split but have to cut up these logs soon

Finishing off a bit of interior work here and there but the weather has been good so working outside on lots of manual chores.   Moving lots of dirt from pile A to pile B.   I think its flashback to working in an office and moving a paper from pile A to pile B !    Moving some over the sceptic system to insulate things for the winter.   Snow barriers going up shortly to try and block some of the snow piling up over the driveway this winter in those north east winds.

White pine, maples, tamarcks and spruce coming along.  Some nearing 3 plus feet after 14 months which is great.   40 or so of the poplar are also coming along and hoping they grow fast as advertised.   I think in the spring I will try and plant 4 willows along the road to block out the house from the road.    Its about 200 feet away from the road and hopefully in a few years the trees will block it.

These late summer flowers are appearing everywhere now

These late summer flowers are appearing everywhere now

Late summer grass and the house

Late summer grass and the house







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September 22, 2013 at 6:13 pm

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  1. very impressive house and property- unbelievable amount of work. For someone who never farmed before you’re doing very well. My broccoli didn’t turn out either; I’m just learning vegetable gardening, so some is trial and error. I just started getting these posts so I’ll look back on some of the old ones. I’d like to see some pics of the fruit trees.
    Never heard of cob furniture before, where did you get info on this? will be very interested to see.


    September 22, 2013 at 11:28 pm

    • Weather has been hard on plants and trees the past few years. Fortunately this year was good ! A lot of cob structures and things like benches, couches, shelves etc built out of it in the American southwest as well as the poorer parts of the world. Fun to work with and easy to fix mistakes !


      September 24, 2013 at 1:57 am

  2. wow Cam! It looks and sounds amazing!! I started looking up cob building after reading your latest blog. I would LOVE to build a small home like that on some property in PEI. I wonder how I could insulate it enough for winter living though? Maybe hay bales on the inside ??? (they would be very thick walls!!). I’m so happy for you; I love reading about your gardening and the harvest you are getting!! Can you store nuts for a long time? I am so envious of your life!!! Just amazing that you ditched pod-world and did what you did! I hope I can do something like that. But without quitting work I have not got the time to devote to it, which you really need to do. This reno we are doing is costing alot. I dont think I will be retiring early. 😦 Unless I pack it all in here, like you did. But I have these ids here that really suck up the money. College, university. zoiks. I need a plan. Anyways, please keep posting stuff on the great life you are living – so many books!!! I have a ton as well. Just make sure you are well stocked up on vino as well and you will have the best winter of your life!!!! I’m sooooo jealous!!! K, I gotta go to sleep – I took monday and tuesday off to do the mudding in the basement. Hate that job but at least I can do it. I’m sick of paying people to do stuff and then seeing they are no better at it than me!!!! And I gotta clean up and paint my clawfoot tub I got for 50 bucks off of craigslist…. 🙂 Okay, chat later…. g’nite Cam Erin Date: Sun, 22 Sep 2013 18:13:09 +0000 To: mrsgardenfairy@hotmail.com

    Erin Welch

    September 23, 2013 at 4:01 am

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