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Busy spring digging, planting, more digging and hauling composted manure.   All good fun though.   Spring seemed late arriving and it seemed to rain every weekend.   But that made for some great skies.

Bit of colour on a grey day

Bit of colour on a grey day

Planted 20 hazelnut trees I ordered from Grimo Nursery in Niagara on the Lake.  Start of making a nut orchard.  I think some korean pine nuts and may try the northern pecan next year.   Fifteen of the hazelnuts in along the laneway and five out back in the growing forest garden.

15 Hazelnuts

15 Hazelnuts

If they gow (not sure I have a green thumb) they will produce about 10 pounds per tree.  Grow to about 14 feet high and 10 feet wide in 5 yrs

Picked up 50 HighBush Cranberry (native) trees and 50 Norway Spruce trees and planted those a few weekends ago.  The HighBush Cranberry are edible, make jams and wine unlike the similar European version which even the birds don`t like.  (Internet is awfully handy for finding out stuff !)  Next year I will space out 50 elderberry trees near them.   Both grow to around 14 feet tall and 10 feet wide so if they grow this will be lots of stuff to eat, attract birds and insects (and later get the bee hive going).  Norway spruce are apparently the fastest growing spruce so stuck them here and there towards the road side of the property to eventually be a partial screen.

Porch Deck

Porch Deck

Finished off the porch deck. Some furniture and shed next.  Spend most of my time on this deck which looks due west, not buggy and a great spot for my rocking chair, chewing tobacco and lassoing deer as they wander by.

Planted 24 comfrey plants back on the forest garden area which I will harvest for compost.  Its a great plant for breaking up clay soil, grows in anything.   Should be able to harvest about 15 pounds of compost a year from each plant.  The 5 vegetable beds planted except for tomatoes , peppers and eggplant.   Put in a bunch of squash in the back while i figure out what kind of ground cover to eventually put in.   Some kind of flowers planted – bulbs from walmart and i have no idea what they are.  Two beds of wild flowers put in also.

Eating the nyjer.  Even with a table saw going they hang about

Eating the nyjer. Even with a table saw going they hang about



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