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Buggering about

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Well I’m getting pretty good at growing grass.   Darn stuff shoots up a foot in a week.   Keeping it down around the house , veggie patch and out back where I have edible perennial stuff growing and paths here and there.   Battery powered weed eater is a good send.  With the solar panels its easy to charge up but need another battery so i can work harder.

Deer have been around making fun of me.   Up one Saturday morning around 6 am and saw a bunch heading for one of the apple trees.  I went charging out in my flip flops and not much else to scare em off.

Deer laughing at me

Deer laughing at me

I got out and jumped up and down a few times and they finally hopped off.

Cowards would not stay and fight

Cowards would not stay and fight

Starting cutting up an old oak tree out back that had fallen over during the winter. Harvesting branches to stick in the garden for the pole beans.   So far its working, beans going up.   See how prolific they are.

Zuchinni growing and pole beans

Zuchinni growing and pole beans

Spent this weekend getting flower stuff planted.   What i know about flowers I could keep in a thimble and have room left over.  All look good at the nurseries but hard to tell what to plant.

Some kind of wild flower. I know its blue

Some kind of wild flower. I know its blue

Grabbed a bunch of bulbs from Walmart of all places and stuck them in this flower bed.  Some other stuff which I believe are annuals I grabbed at Home Depot in between visits to the lumber department.  See if they come up or whatever they are suppose to do!

Will see what comes up

Will see what comes up

Also dug up and planted a bed I scattered wild flowers on.   Forget what the package said and what exactly that means but they seem a lot easier to do than those bulb things.   Will see if anything pops up this year

Easy to plant

Easy to plant

Finished off the some stuff on the deck and built a big planter and trellis.   Honeysuckle plant in the middle (girl at Home depot swore it climb up the trellis.  )   Also planted a bunch of hops in there to grow up the trellis.  Not sure I will make beer but the options is there.   Took me 6 weeks to drink a six pack of beer.  Wine is another story !

Morning coffee spot

Morning coffee spot

Planted 4 big raspberry plants out back not too far from the strawberry and asparagus.   I guess they need lots of room.  Will take off the rest of the grass and put in some low level growth like mint.  Some day.   Shed going up soon along with the pizza oven

Like raspberries more than strawberries so more to be planted in a year

Like raspberries more than strawberries so more to be planted in a year




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June 8, 2014 at 8:47 pm

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  1. Love your sense of humour. The deer may eat your bulbs too :). Wish I could help you with the flowers and perennials. I know plants, but can’t build houses. Love that you’re trying though


    June 9, 2014 at 1:41 am

  2. hahahahah that was a funny one…thanks i really needed the laugh today. think i am losing it working at that place. I really cant take it any more but i have to hang in for TWO more years!!! omg i seriously dont know how i’m going to do that. i am home today, mental health day. seriously. i think i had an anxiety attack at 3 30 this am. I feel like i cant go back there. we are so short staffed and they just gave me another half a caseload. i dont know what to do. but your place looks great and you are living the life. good for you. i need to plan an escape soon. i love all the stuff you planted! take care Cam Erin

    Date: Sun, 8 Jun 2014 20:47:29 +0000 To: mrsgardenfairy@hotmail.com

    Erin Welch

    June 10, 2014 at 6:51 pm

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