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Why I do what I do

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Some have asked why build a house on an old pasture in the country, why a  “green” house , heat with wood and went off grid.  Well I guess its because I think too much.
Thinking up new ideas

Thinking or sleeping

I have always been interested in self organizing complex adaptive systems such as physics and civilizations.  Learning why a system starts to wobble and then comes apart has always piqued my curiosity.
When I came back to Canada in 2004 I became further interested in other systems particularily the economy energy and climate.  As I could see oscillations had started to occur in these systems.   In one a year of good crop harvests would be followed by a bad year and cycles of a few years of good or bad seem to falling apart.  The economy was and is swinging between euphoria in the markets with day to day transactions replaced with debt rather than earnings.  Companies created profits from accounting practises as their earnings from sales shrink.
 Lots of fresh air
Insurance companies for example have started to project by 2050 will be out of business due to the rising costs of natural disasters.   Toss in the need to increase profits from increasingly risky market activity and they will likely be forced to further change their business models.    Western governments have also legislated that banks can go into depositors accounts to remove money if they require re capitalization.
Oscillations such as the price of gasoline increasing 300 odd per cent since 2000 and similar increases for products such as milk or eggs are indicative of change coming.
As they pass a threshold they move into a period of chaotic movement where outcomes are impossible to predict.   This continues until a new normal is obtained in the system.    Easter Island or Roman civilizations being examples or a hurricane or the life of a star.
All of which lead me to start thinking of managing risk at a personal level.   How to avoid being swiped by failures in some of these components such as the electrical grid or pension plans.   All of which lead me to build a house which pretty much maintains itself, eliminate water costs, electrical and pretty much all running costs.  It also provides me with the chance to take advantage of opportunities as they appear or so I hope as things change.  Some for the better and some for the worse.


What to do next

What to do next

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August 25, 2014 at 10:18 am

Stalked by Chipmunks

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House is staying warm in this temperature drop. Thinking it may be another long cold winter.  At least that seems to be the early forecast.  Plenty of wood but want to make sure its closer to the house this year.   Stupidly left it away from the house and had to dig through snow drifts to get at it in March.
Enjoy splitting the wood.   Hard work but I can see something accomplished at the end of it plus its a great way of getting rid of frustrations.  Just about ready for the start of colder weather now.
First load moved to the house

First load moved to the house

Seems to have been a good growing season for trees.  Poplars coming back, black locust that survived the 2012 drought are shooting up.  Tthe cold nights are less good for the annual vegetables though.  That’s when most of the growing is done.  Although the zuchhini , tomatoes, carrots etc producing a fair bit.
Lots of bird species around.  Last evening their were humming birds, couple different types of sparrows, gold finches, purple finches and thrushes about.
Gold Finch eating up the sunflower seeds

Gold Finch eating up the sunflower seeds

Think its a purple finch

Think its a purple finch

Darn chipmunks seem to be on heroin.   Stepped out on the porch and two of them leapt at me from beside the door screeching at me.  I jumped 4 feet up and smacked my head on the porch roof.   Chipmunks ran away chuckling the little swine.
Thinking up ways to get me

Thinking up ways to get me

Getting ready to leap at me!

Getting ready to leap at me!

Flower bulbs from walmart were a waste.   Get what you pay for.   Probably made of plastic from china.   Wild flower beds doing real well plus once they get going its year after year.  Giant thistle has popped in one of them.   Some sort of metaphor for my life but can’t figure out what !
Thistle amongst the flowers

Thistle amongst the flowers

Will need another bookshelf soon.  Keep getting handed cookbooks, mysteries and other books from people downsizing their place. Think I need to figure out a way to put the cook books somewhere near the kitchen.   Only downside of the strawbale walls is finding the studs behind the clay plaster for hanging stuff.
Stuff done so far this year:
New areas for raspberries, asparagus, comfrey and squash
Planted 20 hazelnut trees
Planted 50 Norway Spruce and 50 Highbush Cranberry trees
Completed the deck under the porch
Experimented with flower beds
Tiled bedrooms and living area except bathroom and pantry to finish off
Before winter
Outdoor oven
Move firewood and splitting for next year
Did not get done
Root cellar

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August 14, 2014 at 8:23 pm