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Mead – Wine from Honey

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Hoping next spring to get the first livestock which will be a hive of bees.   I like honey but I really like a drink before dinner.  Mead is, in all likelihood, the oldest alcoholic beverage known to mankind. Before agricultural techniques were developed, humans were traditionally hunters and gatherers. After gathering honey from the hive, the natural yeast and high moisture content would cause the honey to ferment, producing mead.
The term “honeymoon” has been associated with drinking mead during the month long celebration following a wedding in pagan times. In addition to the health giving properties of honey; mead was thought by the Romans to lengthen life and posses unique healing qualities. The ancient Nordic people considered the drinking of mead as a most important aspect of daily life.
A single honey bee colony can produce more than 100 pounds of extra honey and this is what is harvested by the beekeeper. One can make a wine, or a beer like drink.   And variations in between.
And once I figure out how to make toast I will use the honey.
Finished all the tiling but the bathroom.  Working on the shed in between rain storms.  Growing pile of wood to split for next winter shortly.  Wood stove already to light up a fire.
Also got the effing boat out of  Tor0nto and to the the property in latish August on a transport truck.   Bit iffy having the truck able to back in off the road without going into the ditch but its there now for the winter – or the first person who offers $10 bucks and a stick of gum.
Perch for the birds

Perch for the birds



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September 22, 2014 at 11:52 pm