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Watch a Tree grow

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I gave awa my tv’s  and was planning on only having Internet at the house but haven’t gotten around to that.   And to be honest its been like shedding an addiction.   I don’t check every 30 minutes for the latest news, email or research something and usually turn off the cell phone.  Instead I read, stop and think or go and look at how much a new tree has grown in a few weeks.  (Surprisingly so sometimes!)  Most of us don’t seem to be able to relax or when you stop to think about it, realize how odd it is to sit down for a drink with friends and everyone is checking their cell phones.   We seem only connected to the immediacy of the moment – not the scale of a week, month , year or decade.  Maybe that’s one of the reasons we discount things like possible climate change or our changing economic status.

Easy dinner

Easy dinner

Flying off with the peanut

Flying off with the peanut

We also seem to have disconnected ourselves from what we are certainly part of.  Nature.   Most of what we have is created from the resources of the earth and energy we extract – which is just stored sunlight encompassed in ancient biomass.   We define ourselves by what we make or build then strive to separate ourselves from nature and keep it in a public park or in the country.  The very thing that keeps us alive as a species we watch  from our car or house windows as if its somehow separate.

Eating the suet

Eating the suet

Lately we seem to value more what Honey BooBoo is doing than turning off the tv, computer, gaming box, cell phone and seeing what is out there.  Go somewhere and listen to the silence.  Hear the birds or owls or coyotes singing.  See the stars.  That’s the reality of what we evolved in and exist in, not the artificial reality most of us live in today.  Go watch a tree grow.

Screw you ! Its mine

Screw you ! Its mine


Written by dcveale13

October 28, 2014 at 12:57 am

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  1. Ahh you’re living in paradise!


    October 28, 2014 at 2:49 am

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