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Winter Birds

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A lot of fall / early winter chores in 2015.  Moving compost here and there to the fruiting trees and nut trees and organizing the winter wood for the stove.   A warm December and some trees were heading towards blooming, will see in the spring if that affects them.  Kept looking to see if the garlic would start to shoot up but fortunately it did not.  Planted a lot of bulbs so hoping to get a good return this year.


Now that the temperatures have started to drop and snow on the ground the bird feeders are in heavy use.  I’ve seen tracks of grouse, deer and what I think is a coyote.  One night I stayed out late with the camera to hopefully get a shot of the deer or coyote, but ran out of whisky in my hip flask so had to run back inside and have a drink.  (There was a wandering trio of skunks who waddled by to see what I was up to but I decided not to get close!).  No sign of rabbits this winter so I think there must be a coyote hanging about.

Need to click on the picks to see them best. Especially the Jay grasping the peanut

Hairy at the Suet

Sitting in the sun

Sitting in the sun

Hairy at the pine feeder

Hairy at the pine feeder

Hairy and suet

Hairy and suet



Don't touch my peanut

Don’t touch my peanut

Getting to the peanut

Getting to the peanut

Ground feeding Junco

Ground feeding Junco

Junco on the deck looking for spilt suet

Junco on the deck looking for spilt suet



Written by dcveale13

January 18, 2016 at 11:35 pm

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  1. Hi Cam! Hope the winter’s been kind to you….sounds like you are having a blast on your property! You and the critters….. 🙂 Well I’m getting closer…just 3.5 months to go!! Then off to beautiful PEI to set up my little cabin! SO EXICITED!!!!

    The pics you took of the birds are beautiful…..

    So do you have any winter harvest? Did you plant any veg that could possibly carry you through the winter? I have so much work to do out there…it’s all overgrown with shrub, small (and large) trees….what the heck do i use to quickly clear out approximately 20,000 sq feet (the area i want to garden/farm) of shrub? Actually, I think it’s just bilberrys, not heavy shrub….I dont really want to buy any heavy equipment as i have nowhere to store it…(no barn yet…)….?? My friend down there has a tiller, but man it looks hard to use….! I wonder if i can buy a scythe anywhere?? lol. and then worry about tilling it…..I need to arrive there with a plan or I’ll waste too much time….any suggestions?



    January 19, 2016 at 5:24 pm

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