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Winter 2016-2017

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Looking forward to warm weather now.  Seems like its been a long winter.


More deer

As god as my witness I did not know deer could snicker. Icy winter and one early morning I went out early to go into the village for the morning papers. Took one step off the deck, hit the ice and when ass over tea kettle landing on my backside cursing. At which point 8-10 deer sleeping 30 feet or so away in the brush stuck their heads up and starting snickering at me. A cross between a heehaw and a snort. They didn’t even move as a limped back inside shaking my fist at the buggers.

Late Feb with the thaw I again was up early to go and get the saturday papers, stepped off the patio and slipped in the mud and water, flying face forward into a bigger patch of mud cursing away. Again the same damn deer stuck their head up and started snickering at me. Buggers have seen me run and know they can walk away slowly and stay ahead of me. Covered in mud I had to slink back inside to clean up. Planning my revenge though. Going to make a sling shot, get some marbles and will see who has the last laugh.

Hairy Woodpecker

Hairy checking things out

Decided to make my own suet mix for the woodpeckers this year.  Lard or more usually bacon fat, oat meal, chunky peanut butter, corn meal, raisin and sunflower seeds.   Never seen so many woodpeckers coming around as this year.   Sometimes two on each feeder and they would often eat their fill, then stay on the feeder for half and hour digesting.   Think they liked it more with the bacon fat and bits of bacon, but then who wouldn’t.   Likely a whole bunch of woodpeckers around now with high cholesterol and pending heart attacks like me.

picking peanuts

getting the peanut out

blue jays around all winter. fighting over the peanuts. They pick up one peanut shell, put it down, pick up another, put it down and pick up a third all the time. Don’t know what their criteria is but its pretty funny.

Hard to miss a cardinal

Cardinals around a lot this winter. Careful coming to the feeders near the house. Stuck up two at the shed and they are often out there on the ground getting seeds. Chickadees swarm those two feeders. probably 20 or so during the day back and forth waiting their turn of a seed. Lots and lots of juncos

Root cellar

Cob Pizza oven

Robins, red wing black birds and lots of finches about now so spring is coming. will be glad to see the end of winter this year.

Looking at getting my two wheeled tractor this year i think. Kind of need something to work the land a bit more easily then my shovel. Nut trees, fruit trees, berry bushes all looking like they survived the winter. Norway spruce should put on a foot this year of rain comes.

Planning on the getting the root cellar and pizza oven done this summer if all goes well. Unless i get distracted by something like a fly going by and end up chasing it. The locals often come from miles to watch me running around the fields with a fly swatter for the day trying to get that damn fly

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April 2, 2017 at 9:06 pm